Baby low energy bulb

2-3 weeks


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Plumen is a new kind of energy saving light bulb, it is the world's first designer low energy light bulb. Thanks to its attractive design, Plumen becomes a light bulb to be shown instead of hidden as the dull regular energy saving bulbs. Plumen has a dynamic sculptured form that makes it a beautiful decorative element. Plumen uses 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb and also lasts around 8 times longer.

The name Plumen comes from the word ‘plume’, the decorative feathers of a bird and ‘lumen’, the unit of light. Plumen has already received important design awards and has been recognized by renowned design collections around the world including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Finnish Design Museum and the Cooper Hewitt collection, based in New York.

Colour temperature 2700k (warm white light)
Light source
E27, 9W (equivalent to 40W incandescent light bulb)
Lifetime of 8 years