Ellipse chair designed by the Finnish Timo Ripatti is a real eye-catcher. Ellipse chair received the Furniture of the Year Award 2009 in Finland. As a three-dimensional item, Ellipse is graphically and sculpturally well balanced and creates its own protective and personal space for its user. When empty, the chair is open and inviting, outstanding and a durable piece of furniture. Ellipse is an individual and independent entity but works well in groups, too. Ellipse 1/k12 is upholstered with 12 pieces of multicolour Millerstripe fabric and wooden parts are stained black.

  • Manufacturer: Vivero
  • Design: Timo Ripatti
  • Size: Width 1230 mm, height 660 mm, depth 622 mm
  • Material: Chromed steel, birch plywood, Millerstripe fabric
  • Color: Multicolour

Ellipse 1/k12 chair, Millerstripe

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