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Grass vase is a new and inspiring design that brings nature indoors. It is designed for ordinary flowers of the type we often overlook in our daily lives. All the vases are handmade, the variations of each vase emphasises its own unique character. The striking design of grass brings new life to cut flowers. Grass resembles a roadside tuft of grass. Made of clay, in the hands of designer duo Claydies, a.k.a. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø, the material is transformed into a new and sexy product. With the Grass vase, Claydies has taken one of the world’s oldest materials and turned it into a product series with a contemporary, humorous expression. Karen and Tine explain:”Grass is inspired by the wayside. In our opinion, a wayside with wild flowers is a good depiction of wild Danish nature. Grass has a very naïve ceramic expression that is both uplifting and amusing. If you take Grass and place a simple dandelion, thistle or some other flower from the wayside or field in it, it looks really good.”
Normann Copenhagen
Height 13 cm