Iittala Fireplace, by Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen, represents a completely new type of product for Iittala. Suppanen has combined fire-resistant glass and metal to create a modern take on an open fire, this time fired on ethanol. He has taken the age-old idea of an open fire in the wilds, tamed it, and brought it inside, to create an environment where people can gather to chat and enjoy an evening together or where somebody can relax alone and put the worries of the day behind them. The design very much reflects Suppanen’s architectural leanings.

  • Manufacturer: Iittala
  • Design: Ilkka Suppanen
  • Size: Height: 430 mm, Depth: 180 mm, Width: 380 mm
  • Material: Fire-resistant glass, steel

Iittala Fireplace

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