Okoa rug, beige-white

3-5 months

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Kristiina Lassus’ rug collection is inspired by travel, far-off cultures and tradi tions, love for different materials, color, and nature. From a passion for ancient traditional handicraft but with a modern insight, it is devised to furnish contemporary spaces, whether modern or classic, in the city and country. The rugs are knotted by hand in Nepal using traditional techniques that require about 3–4 months for each piece. Every small step in the production stage slowly leads to a precious out come rich in nuances and steeped in his tory, and to customs handed down through generations. The rugs are pro duced in limited series and are available by order. No child labor has been used in the creation (Rug mark and Kaleem certificates). The light beige and white colored OKOA (NL4) rug is 40% natural linen, 30% Tibetan wool and 30% silk with edges finished with nomad fringes.

Kristiina Lassus
Kristiina Lassus
170 x 240 cm or 200 x 300 cm
40% wool, 30% linen, 30% silk, 100 knots / square inch
Light beige, white