Bloom serving bowls follow the easy curving lines one finds in nature. Debuting in 2009, this is the latest in the Bloom series. It is the smallest, making it perfect for serving nuts, dates, olives or other snacks. Based on flowers she discovered in her travels in Asia, designer Helle Damkjaer created the Bloom serving bowl. The bowls represent petals of the exotic blooms she came across while she was abroad. Asia has been a strong source of inspiration to the designer throughout the years. They are perfect to use as part of the dinner table setting but can also be used as decorative touches, for a bowl of fruit centrepiece perhaps. The matt stainless steel is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. It is modern without feeling industrial. The sloping shape creates a soft reflection. A celebration of nature’s innumerable forms.

  • Manufacturer: Georg Jensen
  • Design: Helle Damkjaer
  • Size: Height 75 mm, width 160 mm, depth 160 mm
  • Material: Matte stainless steel

Bloom bowl, petit

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