Norway Says

Norway Says is a company based in Oslo, designing furniture, interiors and products. They have been awarded the designer of the year award in Norway and have received several national and international design awards for their work. Norway Says’ designers are Torbjørn Anderssen (b. 1976), Andreas Engesvik (b. 1970), Espen Voll (b. 1965), and Hallgeir Homstvedt (b. 1977).

Kjersti Bekken (b. 1977) joined Norway Says in 2006 to run the Norway Says Shop. Norway Says has a broad and international approach to design and works with various national and international clients. Norway Says’ company culture is based on strong ideas, long-term friendship and knowledge. With our compact company structure we offer a personal service to every client. The wide range of activity makes it possible to approach several types of commissions with fresh minds: every situation calls for unique solutions. In close collaboration with designers representing other areas of expertise, Norway Says is able provide solutions that comprise graphic design, corporate identities and branding, packaging design and strategic advertising. Among Norway Says’ designs, very popular are the products designed for Muuto such as I’m Boo carafe, Plus salt and pepper grinder, Mhy pendant lamp and Gloria candlestick.


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