Eelovi is a new Finnish design label that wants to reform everyday living. It is the new generation’s tribute to nostalgia and past. The philosophy behind Eelovi is simple. The pieces are part of everybody’s everyday life but in no way ordinary. They are designed by young Finnish, already recognized designers, who in a world of bread and butter want to offer their customers cookies and marshmallows. 

The furniture and interior items of Eelovi don’t come with orders or limitations but numerous possibilities for the customer to figure out and vary. If the customer’s home is the cake, Eelovi is a selection of frostings that can be used to make it just the way the customer likes. All Eelovi’s products are manufactured in Finland and more precisely in Central Finland where the Suunnittelukonttori Edvin Oy, the company behind Eelovi, has its headquarters.

Eelovi is design for those sticking to their right to choose their car by its color and to build mountains in the sugar bowl. Who pretend the broom is their microphone while cleaning and who, at least once a year, end up in the middle of a snowball battle. Eelovi is the permission to sit on the table during a business meeting and to sing in the shower at the gym.


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